CCL:G: Ghost atoms (symbol Bq)

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 Dear Safiya
 Sent to CCL by: "Safiya Ess Amer" [amersaf85||]
 Please, how can I use ghost atom with Cartesian coordinates?
 I have system of H2-Fe(OH)3 and use G03W for getting energy as function of
 more distances (Z) from center of H2 to Fe atom. I am calculating now each
 value of energy at some distance manually. I need to put ghost atom at center
 of H2, how can I do that to get PES.
 Can anyone help me in input file?
 I have geometry of the system.
 Thanks in advance
 Safiya Amer
I used ghost atoms a long time ago, but if I can remember, the symbol for it is "X" instead "Bq".