CCL: an extension and update to IBM's Chemical Kinetics Simulator

 Sent to CCL by: "William  Hinsberg" [bill|,|]
 I am one of the authors of IBM's Chemical Kinetics Simulator (CKS); CKS is
 functionally obsolete and IBM
 no longer distributes CKS on the web.
 As its replacement,  we have developed Kinetiscope, an extension and update of
 CKS that greatly
 expands its applicability and versatility.  Kinetiscope provides an interactive
 method for modeling the
 kinetics of a wide variety of chemical systems, including three-dimensional,
 compartmental and single
 reactor models. Electrochemical reactions and reactions controlled by an
 external stimulus can be
 included in the reaction scheme.
 Kinetiscope is available in versions for Microsoft Windows,  Apple OS X, and
 Linux,  at no cost, from the
 following URL:
 The Kinetiscope web site provides information on Kinetiscope's features, screen
 shots, history, package
 contents, FAQ, user's manual, and download links.
 Bill Hinsberg