CCL: an extension and update to IBM's Chemical Kinetics Simulator

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 Is Kinetiscope open source?
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 > Sent to CCL by: "William  Hinsberg" [bill|,|]
 > I am one of the authors of IBM's Chemical Kinetics Simulator (CKS); CKS is
 > functionally obsolete and IBM
 > no longer distributes CKS on the web.
 > As its replacement,  we have developed Kinetiscope, an extension and
 > update of CKS that greatly
 > expands its applicability and versatility.  Kinetiscope provides an
 > interactive method for modeling the
 > kinetics of a wide variety of chemical systems, including
 > three-dimensional, compartmental and single
 > reactor models. Electrochemical reactions and reactions controlled by an
 > external stimulus can be
 > included in the reaction scheme.
 > Kinetiscope is available in versions for Microsoft Windows,  Apple OS X,
 > and Linux,  at no cost, from the
 > following URL:
 > The Kinetiscope web site provides information on Kinetiscope's features,
 > screen shots, history, package
 > contents, FAQ, user's manual, and download links.
 > Bill Hinsberg>