CCL: New Journal: Resource-Efficient Technologies (REFFIT)

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 Dear CCL,
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 Jan Labanowski
 The editorial team of the new journal "Resource-Efficient Technologies
 (REFFIT)" invites you to submit your paper(s) for publication in the first
 issues of the inaugural year:
 Resource-Efficient Technologies  is a peer-reviewed, international
 multi-disciplinary  journal published by Elsevier in partnership with Tomsk
 Polytechnic University (TPU), one of the top Russian universities. REFFIT offers
 no cost open access publication to all its authors sponsored by TPU.
 Resource-Efficient Technologies publishes research and review articles, short
 communications, commentaries, and book reviews in the ever broadening field of
 sustainable and resource-efficient technologies, which reduce energy and
 materials consumption, reduce or completely eliminate toxic waste, develop
 closed-loop recycling technologies with the purpose of sustainable, economically
 efficient and socially responsible use of all natural resources and man-made
 products. Thematic coverage of the journal includes:
 - Alternative and sustainable energy;
 - Green and environmental chemistry;
 - Novel functional materials and materials efficiency;
 - Efficient use of natural resources;
 - Waste processing and recycling technologies.
 The editors welcome original contributions that have not been published and are
 not under consideration elsewhere. Papers accepted for publication are blind
 refereed to ensure academic integrity. The journal is published by the Elsevier,
 world leading scientific publisher, on Science Direct platform  that serves
 as one of the most popular and credible scientific forum and information
 centers  for academicians, professionals, graduate and undergraduate
 students, fellows, and associates pursuing research throughout the world.
 The interested contributors are highly encouraged to submit their
 manuscripts/papers using EVISE platform accessible from the journal web site:
 We also direct communication between prospective authors and our editorial team
 for the purpose of preliminary assessment of the topics and the quality of
 Yours Sincerely,
 Editorial team of Resource-Efficient Technologies journal