CCL: Open Chemistry in Google Summer of Code

 Sent to CCL by: Geoffrey Hutchison [geoffh.,]
 Interested in doing some chemistry programming this summer? Have students that
 might be interested?
 Open Chemistry has been accepted into the Google Summer of Code for 2016 -
 including Open Babel, Avogadro, cclib and 3DMol.js.
 If you are a student and interested in doing open chemistry software development
 this summer (or know of someone who is), we're definitely up for good proposal
 ideas. Take a look at our suggestions or come up with one on your own:
 Student proposals can be submitted between March 14th and March 25th.
 Instructions are at the Summer of Code website.
 Looking forward to a summer of great science!
 Prof. Geoffrey Hutchison
 Department of Chemistry
 University of Pittsburgh
 tel: (412) 648-0492
 email: geoffh,