CCL: A (naive) syntax problem

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 Have you tried to use in your input file something like
 F.J. Modrego
 > El 6/5/2016, a las 18:33, Alcides Simao
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 > Hello all!
 > I'm running a G09 job using PBS. While running, G09 is creating a input.chk
 file. The input file has a link0 and a link1 (it's a two-step job). I don't wish
 to overwrite the input.chk file of the first step, so I wish to copy it as
 input-freq.chk. I tried to do this via:
 > g09 input.gjf 2>&1 input.log | cp input.chk input-freq.chk
 > But, as it ran, it didn't start to copy the chk file, so it will only do so
 when the calculation finishes abnormally due to the missing .chk file.
 > Any ideas on how to copy the .chk file to another file as the calculation
 > Best,
 > Alcides Simão
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