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Dear Sofia,
 the Tradicional Chinese Medicine database <>;
 can be of interest for you. Please, download going here
 Check also:
 Hope this helps
 2016-05-10 17:00 GMT+02:00 Sofia Vasilakaki svasilak|| <
 > Sent to CCL by: "Sofia Vasilakaki" [svasilak]-[]
 > Dear all,
 > I would like to use a database of natural compounds from medicinal herbs
 > and plans in order to perform substructure search or virtual screening. I
 > have found some (super natural,, but not
 > enough info about each compound and no mol2 files available for download.
 > I would appreciate it if you could share any links for similar databases.
 > Also, could you suggest software tools like these in OpenEye and Maestro
 > packages, for performing calculations of structures properties (pKa, rule
 > of 5, ADME...)?
 > Thank you!
 > Kind Regards,
 > Sofia V.>
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