CCL: BioSolveIT's Summer 2016 Challenge: Submit Proposal Now!

 Sent to CCL by: "Carsten  Detering" [detering|]
 Time is running out! Only a few days left until BioSolveIT's Summer Challenges
 deadline to submit a
 project proposal (May 24th).
 If you work in an academic or non-profit environment, submit your proposal now
 to get the chance to win
 a EUR 1,000 travel grant to a high impact conference, if your abstract is
 If you would like to propel your project with a variety of software ranging from
 hit finding over SBDD,
 SBDD and lead optimization, you could benefit of BioSolveITs Scientific
 Challenge: 3 contestants from
 the Winter Challenge are currently battling over first place, and 5 contestants
 from the Spring Challenge
 have almost wrapped up their first phase.
 We would like to see your proposal, too!
 Good luck!