CCL:G: About checkpoint problems after using GaussView 5.0

 Sent to CCL by: "Daniel  Morales Salazar"
 Typically I send my  jobs using Gaussian 09 by creating text scripts in
 the batch mode using UNIX's vi editor. Lately, SLURM gives my jobs
 extremely low priorities. I then decided to try the interactive mode,
 which allows me to use computational time for shorter times. I do not
 know how to use scripts in the interactive mode so I decided to use
 Gaussview 5.0.8 to send my jobs. Whenever I want to restart those jobs
 (given that the interactive session closes), the checkpoint files are
 corrupted in like 99% of the cases. I get the following message:
 "$ module load gaussian/g09.d01
 $ module load gaussian/gv-5.0.8
 $ formchk file.chk file.fchk
  Read checkpoint file file.chk
  Write formatted file file.fchk
  Missing data for FChkPn.
  Error termination via Lnk1e at Mon May 23 20:32:58 2016.
 Segmentation fault (core dumped)"
 In the few cases that formchk works, when I try to visualize the
 checkpoint file in Gaussview, a message like this one appears:
 "CConnectionGFCHK::Parse_GFCH() Missing or bad data: Alpha Orbital
 Energies Line Number 574"
 The checkpoint files get corrupted even when re-sending the jobs using
 the interactive mode. I have tried reading into the issue but I can't
 find any input online. Does this have to do with the fact that the check
 point file is only usable in the specific cores I was assigned when
 starting the job? can anybody help me solving this issue please?