CCL: RSC Meeting: Chemistry on Mobile Devices

 Sent to CCL by: "Chris John Swain" [swain^_^]
 One day meeting 7 September 2016 10:00-16:30 at Centre for Molecular
 Informatics, Cambridge, UK.
 Michelle Lynch, IHS: Overview of mobile chemistry
 Andy Davies, AstraZeneca: RSC Medicinal Chemistry Toolkit
 Jonas Bostrom, AstraZeneca: EduChemVR - virtual reality smartphone apps making
 chemistry look and
 feel cool
 James Stevens, Royal Society of Chemistry: Lab on the bus: Designing for
 academic modes of reading
 Nick Greeves, University of Liverpool: Mobile devices in chemistry education
 Daniel Fitzpatrick, University of Cambridge: Around the World Synthesis:
 Controlling Reactions in
 Cambridge through Tokyo
 Dan Ormsby, Dotmatics: Challenges of developing electronic lab notebooks for
 mobile devices and
 substructure searching on iPad
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