CCL:G: triplet TDDFT calculation


Could you please provide us with the text from your input file. It isn’t possible to inform on this matter otherwise.



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On Aug 16, 2016, at 8:42 PM, Michael Morgan <owner-chemistry^^^> wrote:

Dear All,
Standard TDDFT calculations calculate singlet->singlet excitations. In Gaussian, I can see that for each excitation, <S**2>=0.000.
While I calculate molecules like O2 which the ground state is triplet, I need calculate triplet->triplet excitations by assigning TD=triplet . 
In output, I found all kinds of <S**2> values (from 2 to 4). I am confused: for those are not close to 3, are they still spin-allowed therefore 
experimentally observable? Should I include them if I want to predict an absorption spectrum for the molecule?
Thank you very much!