CCL: Free Theoretical Chemistry Teaching Resources Available

 Sent to CCL by: "MarySue  Flick" []
 As a back-to-school greeting, I would like to remind you about teaching
 resources that
 you might find useful:  a webpage of instructor resources based on the
 The page contains instructions how to use Q-Chem for teaching via the IQmol
 links to tutorials, manuals, videos (can be used as a guest lecture), as well as
 a selection
 of computational assignments that can be given to students as homework or
 exercises. The list of labs has been recently updated and  now includes 10 labs
 different types of quantum-chemical calculations.
 We hope that this list will continue to grow and would like to encourage the
 to submit new computational labs for sharing.
 For low-volume users, we offer a free service -- they can submit short Q-Chem
 jobs to
 the  Q-Chem server without purchasing a license (IQmol is automatically
 configured for
 the submission to the Q-Chem server).
 We hope that you will find this resource useful for teaching graduate and
 undergraduate classes (PChem, Quantum Mechanics, Chemical Bonding, Spectroscopy,
 Quantum Chemistry, etc).
 Enjoy and share!
 Dr. Anna Krylov
 Professor of Chemistry and Gabilan Distinguished Professor in Science and
 EngineeringUniversity of Southern California