CCL: old fortran code on github

 Sent to CCL by: "Fabio  Mariotti" [fab.mariotti],[]
 Dear CCLs,
 I recently published an old fortran framework and codes on github. At this link:
 Probably few of you might be still  interested in. There is a kind of
 description here too:
 . a very brief description of the library.
 I would be glad if there is any interest and eventually get a contact via
 My aim is to add documentation, as at present it is really poor.
 I am the author of ADFrom, the code is in the library for historical reasons.
 I am not able to support the old and any future versions. Just in case you might
 But I will be open to questions which are not related to the specific
 Thanks a lot in advance, in case you spent time on the github and blog
 I hope this old code might spice your library