CCL: CCL #DFT16poll results are out

 I also like the polls because they give me an idea of what most scientists
 use and like, which may be a good first approach when it comes to
 reliability (i.e as opposed to trying to re-theorize everything, or fail
 under the biased opinion of a single author), albeit at the expense of
 accuracy in some cases; however, that is when I use my intuition  and go to
 the literature, compare the performance of specific, different
 functionals,  based on the problem I am trying to solve. For some of the
 simple problems I currently tackle, I run a parent system with two or three
 different functionals to evaluate the reliability of the results.
 Personally, I would give more credit to old functionals that "perform
 than to new ones that perform just as well as the older ones, and that
 would be one thing I would change about the poll. I would like to hear some
 arguments for/against this.
 Also, from  the comments of some members, I would also add to the poll some
 of the newer functionals that may have been excluded so far, either from an
 availability perspective software-wise or from a personal taste, but that
 nevertheless should not effect the final purpose of a DFT poll.
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 > which Marcel responded.  You have yet to provide your "better
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 > > provide it.  Otherwise your denigrating comments are unhelpful and
 > without
 > merit.
 > I guess you didn't read my messages. I have given two suggestions:
 > include newer functionals and/or don't prescreen the poll by only including
 > old functionals.
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