CCL: LTTC winter school 2017 in French Pyrenees : January 23rd to February

 Sent to CCL by: "Arjan  Berger" [arjanberger10 a]
 Dear colleagues,
 The 2017 edition of the LTTC winter school will be organized in
 Luchon-Superbagnres (France) within the framework of  the School for advanced
 sciences of Luchon.
 The school will be held from January 23rd to February 2nd 2017.
 It will be structured as a series of one-day tutorials on different topics
 concerning Theoretical Chemistry (Master/PhD level).
 As in previous years the focus of the school is the translation of theory into
 computer code.
 Therefore much time will be allotted to hands-on tutorials.
 The school will be held at the "Grand Htel" in Luchon-Superbagnres
 which is a ski-resort in the French Pyrenees with a spectacular setting.
 The registration fee is 150 (this includes all participation costs, except the
 travel expenses to and from Toulouse airport).
 For more details, please visit the web page at:
 If you would like to attend, please:
 1) Register using the contact form in the web site before October 31th.
 Note that the students who attended to the 10th Edition of the TCCM
 International Intensive Course,
 as well as NEXT graduate students, will have priority to attend the school.
 2) Pay the registration fee (150) before November 30th (you will receive an
 email explaining how, and further instructions).
 We look forward to seeing you in Luchon.
 Arjan Berger, Jrme Cuny and Stefano Evangelisti (on behalf of the organizers)
 PS: Please, forward this message to other possible interested students.