CCL: SpecDis 1.70

 Sent to CCL by: "Torsten  Bruhn"
 Hi all,
 we released a new version of SpecDis, a tool to compare calculated and
 experimental CD spectra (UV/ECD, IR/VCD). It is free and there are version for
 Windows and Linux (GTK2). For details on the changes have a look at
 The layout has been changed significantly UV/ECD or IR/VCD are handled in one
 tab now. We added a peak picking tool and SpecDis calculates g factors now.
 Furthermore, the work flow for Boltzmann weighting has been improved and the
 similarity algorithms have been changed so that they produce even more reliable
 There are many more changes, they are all listed in the download section.
 If you have any suggestions please send me an email, every constructive feedback
 is welcome.