CCL: eChemInfo Training and Innovation Course in Drug Design

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 2nd Announcement for the eChemInfo Training and Innovation Course in Drug Design
 2017 in Milano
 Dear CCLers:
 This is a reminder that the Training and Innovation Course in Drug Design will
 take place at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Milano
 from Mon, 17 Jul. to Fri, 21 Jul. 2017.
 The final program is available at
 We will have three exiting key notes:
 Malaria Drug Discovery Methods, Donatella Taramelli, University of Milan
 Aspects of Industrial Drug Design, Anna Maria Capelli, Chiesi
 Design of Cyclopeptidic Drugs, Laura Belvisi / Monica Civera, University of
 We are also very happy to be able this year to strongly integrate experimental
 techniques into the workshop. Stefan Jehle from Bruker BioSpin AG, the leading
 company in biomolecular NMR spectroscopy, will give a session on NMR-driven
 Fragment Based Drug Design. And we have Anthony Bradley from the Diamond Light
 Source's XChem project, which provides services for complex structure
 determination using medium- to high-throughput X-ray. He will give a
 presentation together with Tim Dudgeon (Informatics Matters) on Moving from
 Individual Tools to Complete Workflows.
 And just to remind you on our special setup of the workshop: Use the bring your
 own problems option to directly apply your newly acquired knowledge to your own
 research, profit from specific advice by the experts and other participants and
 contribute to innovative approaches for all case studies. You can also present a
 poster of your work to give the other attendees an overview of your work and
 foster discussions within the groups.
 Bursary Awards are available; deadline was extended until 30 April at
 Early-bird reduced rates are now also available until 30 April.
 For further information and questions on these and other eChemInfo workshops,
 please visit or contact us.
 Alessandro Contini, University of Milano (alessandro.contini^_^
 Thomas Exner, Douglas Connect (thomas.exner^_^
 P.S.: We would highly appreciate if you could showcase the workshop poster ( on your
 notice boards.