CCL: 16th International Congress of Quantum Chemistry

 Sent to CCL by: "Thibaud  Etienne" [thibaud.etienne[*]]
 Dear all,
 The 16th International Congress of Quantum Chemistry (ICQC) will be held in
 Menton from June 18 to 23,
 2018. This congress is an opportunity for all theoreticians to gather for a
 week, attend lectures given
 within a single session, and to present posters with their best results. With
 its exceptional environment,
 Menton will provide a friendly atmosphere for promoting exchange. Further
 information on the congress
 can already be found on the web site:
 We recommend you to book the dates in advance and declare your interest in
 attending the meeting on
 the web site.
 Looking forward to seeing you all in Menton,
 On behalf of the local organizing committee,