CCL:G: Searching for a Graphical User Interface to teach molecular symmetry

Sent to CCL by: Sebastian Kozuch [seb.kozuch^] There are two softwares that I know they can deal with symmetry elements of molecules, neither of them free. Gaussview, from Gaussian, and Chemcraft. Maybe a trial version will be enough for showing purposes.


On 17/4/2017 17:35, Eduardo wrote:

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I am looking for a GUI software, free preferably, that allow to show to my students molecular symmetry elements in molecular structures. I found, searching using google, a software produced by MolWave (3DMolSymm) but I am afraid that it doesnot allow me to add or rebuild molecular, restricting me to a 48 molecular data bank structure.

For use a command line program, there is as very robust software wrote by S. Pachkovsky, that is very easy and useful, but unfortunately, there is no GUI interface or output.

Thank you in advance for your attention


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