CCL: Searching for a Graphical User Interface to teach molecular symmetry

 I particularly like VMD's molecular symmetry capabilities:
 It's free and open source; it has a built-in tool for symmetry detection
 with attractive display of the symmetry elements (see screenshot at; and it can load a wide variety of
 file formats,
 including .xyz and .cube.
 Good luck!
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 > Dear
 > I am looking for a GUI software, free preferably, that allow to show to my
 > students molecular symmetry elements in molecular structures. I found,
 > searching using google, a software produced by MolWave (3DMolSymm) but I am
 > afraid that it doesnot allow me to add or rebuild molecular, restricting me
 > to a 48 molecular data bank structure.
 > For use a command line program, there is as very robust software wrote by
 > S. Pachkovsky, that is very easy and useful, but unfortunately, there is no
 > GUI interface or output.
 > Thank you in advance for your attention
 > Eduardo
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