CCL: Early-bird and bursary deadline April 30: eChemInfo Training and Innov

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 Dear CCLers:
 The deadline os the early-bird rate and the bursary applications for the
 eChemInfo workshop is less then one week away. Apply now to profit from the
 reduced rates to a full week access to expert knowledge.
 Hope to see you in Milano.
 Thomas Exner schrieb:
 > 2nd Announcement for the eChemInfo Training and Innovation Course in
 > Drug Design 2017 in Milano
 > Dear NMR mailing list:
 > This is a reminder that the Training and Innovation Course in Drug
 > Design will take place at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
 > University of Milano from Mon, 17 Jul. to Fri, 21 Jul. 2017.
 > The final program is available at
 > We will have three exiting key notes:
 > Malaria Drug Discovery Methods, Donatella Taramelli, University of Milan
 > Aspects of Industrial Drug Design, Anna Maria Capelli, Chiesi
 > Design of Cyclopeptidic Drugs, Laura Belvisi / Monica Civera, University
 > of Milan
 > We are also very happy to be able this year to strongly integrate
 > experimental techniques into the workshop. Stefan Jehle from Bruker
 > BioSpin AG, the leading company in biomolecular NMR spectroscopy, will
 > give a session on NMR-driven Fragment Based Drug Design. And we have
 > Anthony Bradley from the Diamond Light Source's XChem project, which
 > provides services for complex structure determination using medium- to
 > high-throughput X-ray. He will give a presentation together with Tim
 > Dudgeon (Informatics Matters) on Moving from Individual Tools to
 > Complete Workflows.
 > And just to remind you on our special setup of the workshop: Use the
 > bring your own problems option to directly apply your newly acquired
 > knowledge to your own research, profit from specific advice by the
 > experts and other participants and contribute to innovative approaches
 > for all case studies. You can also present a poster of your work to give
 > the other attendees an overview of your work and foster discussions
 > within the groups.
 > Bursary Awards are available; deadline was extended until 30 April at
 > Early-bird reduced rates are now also available until 30 April.
 > For further information and questions on these and other eChemInfo
 > workshops, please visit or contact us.
 > Alessandro Contini, University of Milano (
 > Thomas Exner, Douglas Connect (
 > P.S.: We would highly appreciate if you could showcase the workshop
 > poster ( on your
 > boards.
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