CCL: Announcement: Release of OpenGrowth 1.0

 Sent to CCL by: "Nicolas  Cheron" []
 Dear colleagues,
 We are very pleased to announce the official release of OpenGrowth 1.0.
 OpenGrowth is an open-source program that aims at finding de novo protein
 ligands. It automatically grows new molecules in the active site of
 proteins by connecting small organic fragments. The growth is biased to
 produce realistic molecules that have superior synthetic accessibilities
 and pharmacokinetic properties than randomly grown molecules. It is
 possible to grow molecules in several targets at the same time, as well as
 to grow molecules from a  seed  (for example a pre-identified binding
 fragment). All details can be found in the original publication:
 OpenGrowth can be freely downloaded at the address: Pre-compiled binary
 files for some
 Linux distributions are available in the package, together with the source
 code, the user manual and a user interface to prepare the needed files. The
 resources file ( must also be downloaded prior to use.
 For any questions, you can write at the address: opengrowth-
 Nicolas Chron