CCL: IB Workshop: Bio Visualization with Blender and MembraneEditor (Odense 24.6.2017 )

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 Hi all!
 For those of you who are interested in molecular visualization and
 modeling with Blender and MembraneEditor, we conduct a Hands-on workshop
 at the Integrative Bioinformatics conference in Odense/University of
 Southern Denmark! The conference will be 22.-23.6., the workshop at
 Saturday, 24.6.
 It consists of 2 parts:
 - Workshop I: Hands-on Introduction for Beginners
 - Workshop II: Web-based Bio Visualization and Virtual Reality with Blender
 More info here:
 There are still seats free! If you want to register, please just contact
 me directly. Fee for workshop-only participants is 25% of the conference
 Registration deadline is 15.6.2017.
 Best wishes,