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Gaussian 09 help contain many default functionals with dispersion corrections such as wb97xd, B97D, ---. May be using one of these methods with a proper basis set seems enough for your system.
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I suppose a literature search for "(density functional or dft) and dispersion" gives too many answers to be useful, but maybe just randomly pick a few recent papers and see what density functionals they used?  Don't use Google, but something that knows what and and or mean.  Hopefully your university has a suitable literature database.

--David Shobe

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  I am a research scholar working on Chemical Physics. I use Density
Functional Theory to study the weak molecular interactions. I am using
Gaussian09W program for simulating the molecular complexes. Can you please
provide me information regarding the identification of dispersion
interactions in optimized molecular complexes? Moreover please help me by
providing the input methods or keywords in Gaussian programme which is
required for studying the dispersion interactions. Because one of my papers
got rejected recently, in which i had employed B3LYP methods . The reviewer
commented me that B3LYP method is not appropriate to study the dispersion
interactions. So Kindly help me on how to study the dispersion interactions
in molecular complexes using Gaussian programme.

N. K. Karthick
Research Scholar
Department of Physics
Thiagarajar College
e mail id  nkkarthick1021 at gmail dot com

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