CCL: NWChem developers seeking your input

 Sent to CCL by: "Wibe Albert de Jong" [nwchemex ~]
 Dear users and developers,
 You are receiving this email because you are on a paper that cited the use of
 the open-
 source NWChem computational chemistry software. For the latest developments of
 software suite, take a look at .
 A US-wide team of developers, including the NWChem team at Pacific Northwest
 National Laboratory, is embarking on an ambitious effort to build a new, modern
 based software, ready for a wide variety of computing platforms, including the
 exascale supercomputers. This new code will be called NWChemEx. More about this
 effort can be found on
 The goal of the team is to develop an open-source software suite that has the
 functionality users need, but also resolves any issues that users or developers
 see with
 the currently used versions of the NWChem software. Hence, we are seeking your
 The NWChemEx team is interesting in receiving your feedback at
 on the major pitfalls and issues with, or positive features of NWChem, and also
 functionality and development support you need to support your research in the
 If you would like to contribute, please send us an email with your thoughts.
 Your input is
 crucial to ensure that NWChemEx can deliver the needs of our user community.
 With kind regards,
 NWChem and NWChemEx software development team