CCL: Help to understand some results

 Sent to CCL by: "Camila  de Souza Barbosa " [camilasbarbosa ~~]
 Hello everyone, my name is Camila.
 I am doing masters, and I have to do a seminar for a discipline. I am
 having trouble understanding some results from the article my teacher asked
 me to talk about.
 The article is "Realistic simulations of the coupling between the
 protomotive force and the mechanical rotation of the F0-ATPase".Although it
 is very interesting, I cannot understand the eletrosctatic maps where they
 showed that the rotation of F0 is related to the transport of protons.
 Someone told me about CCl, so I decided to ask for help here.
 Can anyone please help me? I would be so grateful and you would save me!
 Best Regards to you all.
 Camila de Souza Barbosa.
 Rua Sebastio Gonalves Coelho, 400. Bairro Chanadour, Brazil.