CCL: Help to get HARLEM or similar program for electron transfer

Dear Prof.  Hutchison,
 Thank you very much for cooperation, I am very grateful to you for
 your efforts.
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 On Tue, Sep 5, 2017 at 6:16 PM, Geoffrey Hutchison
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 > > Thanks for the link. I have contacted Prof Kurnikova, and waiting for
 > the reply. However, there is no mention of this program on above link.
 > Sure. That’s because the link is to the website for Igor’s
 wife, Prof.
 > Maria Kurnikova at Carnegie Mellon. She does different research and
 > associated with IGOR.
 > I sent a personal e-mail to Igor asking if he has a copy of Harlem and/or
 > would be willing to post source code publicly. (I’m not 100% sure
 that it
 > was open source - only that it was free.) I’ll follow up if/when I
 > back. I run into him frequently at Pitt or CMU.
 > I believe at this point, Igor does freelance comp chem consulting.
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