CCL:G: Disk space error in DoCrtU when optimizing geometry in Gaussian

I think you can specify multiple scratch directories byt having multiple
 RWF files. Try adding something similar to your input file
 %rwf=/scratch-dir/file1.rwf, 1900MB, /scratch-dir/file2.rwf, 1900MB,
 In this example, 1900MB * 3 = 5,700 MB of scratch space is used.
 Not sure what SLURM is, but as long as you have read/write permission in a
 directory you can use as scratch, this should work. Else, contact your
 local IT Gods.
 On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 5:32 AM, Maria Dimitrova <owner-chemistry|a|> wrote:
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 > Hello,
 > I have a fairly big molecule, the structure of which I would like to
 > optimise in Gaussian 16.03. The calculation crashes with the error message
 > "Not enough space in DoCrtU". It does not mention memory, so I
 guess this
 > refers to disk space instead of RAM memory. How can I specify another
 > scratch directory? Do I need to give a certain amount of disk space when I
 > submit the job through SLURM?
 > Best regards,
 > Maria Dimitrova
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