CCL: Please join these Computational Science groups on Facebook and LinkedI

Unfortunately, the Linkedin site is blocked in Russia. Therefore, I can join only the Facebook group, which I will do with pleasure.
Best regards,

Best regards,

Prof. Alexander A. Bagaturyants
Photochemistry Center
Russian Academy of Sciences
ul. Novatorov 7a
Moscow 119421 Russia
Phone:  +7(495)9362588 (off)
             +7(916)5317022 (mob)
Fax:      +7(495)9361255

2017-12-19 20:39 GMT+03:00 David Mannock dmannock|| <>:
Agree with Andreas. One site is better than 3! It should have everything in one place and must have a files section. Personally, I do follow CCL, but 3 sites NO! If CCL must be moved to a more modern app for the smartphone generation, it should follow the same format here which is interesting and useful, even for retired geezers like me! It must be searchable from within and from Google. I suggest that before radical moves are made, we discuss what subscribers to CCL want and who will be the Admins for any new site. Given the move towards digital publishing of many social media sites, we also have to look forward to a time when access may require payment. Would a simple cloud listing be better than a social media site? David Mannock

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... oops, and even more, I see that your group is different from the
LinkedIn group

Computational Chemistry

What a pity!!!


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> Sent to CCL by: "Gabriele  Mogni" [gabriele.mogni,+,]
> Dear community members,
> Please join my Computational Science social network groups on Facebook and LinkedIn:
> These groups have grown a lot since last year and they now include many interesting announcements on conferences, job offers, codes, news articles and much more material which is relevant to all branches of computational science and engineering, including of course computational chemistry.
> Many thanks for your support, and Merry Christmas to you all!
> Dr. Gabriele Mogni (UPMC, Paris, France)>


Join us at the 5th-COSMO-RS-Symposium March 2018

Prof. Dr. Andreas Klamt
CEO / Geschäftsführer
COSMOlogic GmbH & Co. KG

phone      +49-2171-731681
fax        +49-2171-731689
e-mail     klamt/a\

[University address:      Inst. of Physical and
Theoretical Chemistry, University of Regensburg]

HRA 20653 Amtsgericht Koeln, GF: Prof. Dr. Andreas Klamt
Komplementaer: COSMOlogic Verwaltungs GmbH
HRB 49501 Amtsgericht Koeln, GF: Prof. Dr. Andreas Klamt

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