CCL: 5th COSMO-RS symposium in March in Cologne

 Sent to CCL by: Andreas Klamt [klamt!^!]
 Dear computational chemistry colleagues,
 since Tymofii asked for more interesting conference announcements, let
 me invite all of you to our 5th COSMO-RS symposium in Cologne on March
 6-8, 2018.
 (I hope that not all of you will come, since that would become a bit
 It will be a meeting of scientists from many areas of computational and
 experimental chemistry, ranging from chemical engineers, using COSMO-RS
 for predicting activity coefficients, environmental researchers,
 pharmaceutical modellers, fragrance and cosmetics experts, material and
 reaction simulation simulation people, and many more, all having in
 common, that accurate prediction of the solvent influence on the
 properties of their interest is crucial for their work. The meeting will
 combine presentations of applications by users, presentations of new
 improvements of the methods an extension of the applicability range, and
 discussions on future directions. As side events there will be
 introductions and training sessions for COSMO-RS newcomers.
 The meeting should be interesting for those who do - after more than 20
 years after the COSMO-RS publication - still don't know the difference
 between COSMO and COSMO-RS,
 and for those, who like to see the current and future potential of this
 - currently most likely most predictive - solvation model.
 I will present there the COSMOplex method, an extension of COSMO-RS
 which allows for the efficient simulation of z-inhomogeneous
 self-organizing systems, as micelles, biomembranes, interfaces, liquid
 crystals, ..., requiring nothing else than COSMO files as input. It
 completely bypasses the need for force-fields or coarse-grained methods,
 is 100 times faster than MD simulations, and most likely more accurate.
 For more details and registrations see:
 With my best wishes for the Christmas holidays and the new year
 and hoping to see some of you in Cologne
 Join us at the 5th-COSMO-RS-Symposium March 2018
 Details at
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