CCL: 11. Int. Conference on Chemical Structures - Scientific Program Online

 Sent to CCL by: "Frank  Oellien" [Frank.Oellien|-|]
 Dear Colleagues,
 the scientific program of the 11. International Conference on Chemical
 Structures is now online:
 The program covers a wide range of scientific talks with different topics
 like Integration of Chemical Information, Structure-Activity and
 Structure-Property Prediction, Structure-based Drug Design and Virtual
 Screening, Analysis of Large Chemical Datasets and Dealing with
 Biological Complexity. Besides the oral presentations 2 large poster
 sessions will be organized on Monday and Tuesday. The conference will
 open on Sunday with the Mike Lynch Award keynote lecture of the CSA
 The scientific program comes along with a large exhibition in which 17
 software vendors will present their new products and solutions in
 Cheminformatics and Molecular Modeling: In addition 4 conference workshops will
 be organized before and after the scientific program.
 If you are interested in participating at the ICCS 2018, please hurry up.
 There are only less than 15 free seats available.
 Best regards,
 Frank Oellien