CCL: 100 years of computational chemistry?

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 Many computational chemists consider the founding of the field to be the launch
 of the Journal of Computational Chemistry in 1980 by Professor Norman Lou
 Allinger, Editor.
 He first presented his idea of the need for a new journal to the American
 Chemical Society. The bureaucrats there were not interested. So, Professor
 Allinger shopped his proposal to the publisher John Wiley & Sons. They could
 see the wisdom and foresightedness of his idea and made it a reality with Dr.
 Allinger as Editor.
 Twenty-five years later the ACS bureaucrats finally woke up and launched the
 Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation (JCTC) and the Journal of Chemical
 Information and Modeling (JCIM) in 2005 with Professor William Jorgensen as
 Editor in Chief.
 Prior to Allinger in 1980, people working in the field were generally considered
 to be theoretical chemists.
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