CCL: VALBO conference in Marseille (France) June 24th- June 29th

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 Dear all,
 This mail is to inform you about  the VALBO congres will be in Marseille
 (France) from Sunday June 24 to Friday June 29th.
 The early birds have been extended to april 30th 2018.
 The first part will be on the topic  Understanding Chemistry and Biochemistry
 with Conceptual Models .
 The second part, from wednesday 27th, has lectures on Valence Bond & related
 methods (VB + EVB) with tutorials.
 VB tutorials will concern the XMVB program, and are prepared with Prof Wei WUs
 Other tutorials on the EVB approach will also be proposed to the attendees.
 For more detail and registration, please check on the web site
 Note also that we booked affordable  students   rooms that are close to the
 conference and very confortable (from Saturday june 23rd to saturday june 29th,
 they cost 200)
 We still have quite a few of them available, they must be paid at the
 registration time (by CB), but please write to me before, so I can save one room
 from my list.
 Stephane Humbel
 PS : On tuesday june 26 the Rolling Stones band will make their unique concert
 in France, in Marseilles stadium.
 Hence, having both VALBO and the Rolling Stones, Marseille will quite a busy
 city this very week.
 *Stephane Humbel*
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