CCL: Question on OMICtools

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 Dear Michel,
 thank you very much for your invaluable comments!
 Kind regards,
 Alex Granovsky
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 Dear Alex,
 OMICtools is a web database of bioinformatics resources maintained by
 OMICX company at Rouen (France):
 See: Database 2014 (Oxford), bau069
 They indexed several of my freewares without any counterpoart from me.
 They provided links to my own repository and indicated my name (as the
 author) and my email address (hotline), together with the full
 citation of the papers supporting the methods.
 They never requested my sources.
So there no illegal use there and in my opinion it is a fair use of public data.
 Please check if the email you received was indeed sent from the
 OMICtools team (the header of the original email in source form is
 Please do not confuse OMICtools with the OMICS Indian company
 (omicsgroup, omicsonline, etc.) which manages numerous journals and a
 huge of conferences (very diverse topics) under various names, while
 the name of the OMICS company is often hard to retrieve.
 You were probably spammed by "invitations" to submit papers or attend
 to conferences in various countries, and among them probably many of
 these "invitations" originated from OMICS, even if their name is
 Please be careful.
 Best regards,
 Michel Petitjean
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 2018-04-26 19:09 GMT+02:00 Alex A. Granovsky
 gran]-[ <>:
 Dear CCLers,
 does anybody know anything on OMICtools?
 I got a couple of strange emails from contact{} last weeks.
 Hi Firefly Team,
 We have some good news for you!
The tool Firefly you engineered is now available on OMICtools (the AI-based platform designed to help biologists identify the right combination of tools) in the Molecular modeling category. Feel free to visit the platform so you can discover what people are saying about your tool.
If you want to make your work more visible, sign up for free to upload your source code and badge your skills so you can highlight your expertise in tool development.
 Got a question? We’re here to help.
 All the best,
 The OMICteam
 Their second email is even more suspicious.
I did not ever get them my permission to use Firefly nor we allow Firefly on any public (either free or commercial) computational servers or services. Searching the web I was not able to clarify the situation. I strongly suspect cheating of phishing of some kind, or at least the illegal use of our software.
 I would be grateful to community for any comments.
 Kind regards,
 Alex Granovsky