CCL: Strange value for Optical Rotation in g09

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 No, it’s not correct. For those very strongly rotating, the experiment is
 performed with dilution, the calculation gives you the standard state value.
 Helicenes can reach several thousand °, need strong dilution to bring it to
 a concentration where a traditional polarimeter can measure it.
 To have a safe experiment, always confirm you have a linear response to
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 > Dear
 > I have performed calculations on g09 aiming to determine optical rotation
 > values for some organic molecules. Almost results are fine (apparently)
 > but, one of them pointed me a value of -470.91 (degrees). Of course, I can
 > add +360 and find a crude value of -110.91 . Please, could you give some
 > advise if this is correct?
 > Thank you in advance
 > My best wishes
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