CCL:G: Gaussian error : Error termination in NtrErr: NtrErr Called from FileI

 Dear Priyabrata,
"Segmetation violation" and other errors Gaussian prints in terminal are generally useless for tracking back the error. NtrErr usually means that the program tries to read the checkpoint (or RWF?) but cannot, for example, there was no disk space and the information was not written in some previous steps. Is there also some message in the output like "Erroneous write" or "Operation on file out of range", or "No file to extend for", or "Transformation cannot fit into", or "File extend in NtrEx1 failed"? You can post last 10 lines of the file in this case, it might be helpful. Do this also if Ypu encounter other errors when there is no archive section at the end of the file; otherwise You need to compare with some successful job of the same type and post the differences in messages (not coordinates or like so, of course).
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 Igors Mihialovs
 On 10/15/18 8:28 AM, Priyabrata Das wrote:
 Sent to CCL by: "Priyabrata  Das" [1726601!^!]
 I am optimizing and calculation a molecule of 50 atoms using a command
 #p opt freq wb97xd/6-31+g* scrf=iefpcm
 now getting an error message
 Error: segmentation violation
     rax 0000000000000000, rbx 0000000001263f80, rcx ffffffffffffffff
     rdx 00000000000065e9, rsp 00007ffec6c90ee8, rbp 00007ffec6c90f10
     rsi 000000000000000b, rdi 00000000000065e9, r8  00002b7e7bfd82c0
     r9  0000000000000000, r10 00007ffec6c90c00, r11 0000000000000206
     r12 00007ffec6c910c8, r13 00007ffec6c910d0, r14 00007ffec6c910d8
     r15 00002b7e7cc98548
    --- traceback not available
 kindly give me some solution for this error>