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 I am happy to known that the new version IGMplot has been released and become
 more powerful.
 The IGM method is needed very useful for revealing weak interactions, it is more
 flexible and has better graphical effect than the popular NCI method. I would
 like to let colleagues know that due to importance of the IGM method, it has
 also been efficiently implemented in my code Multiwfn ( since version 3.5, which
 should be a good alternative to IGMplot. Currently only promolecular
 approximation version of IGM is supported, built-in atomic density for all
 elements in the periodic table is available. The wavefunction form of IGM has
 not been supported yet, in this case the IGMplot should be the only choice. In
 addition, all relevant methods, including the DORI method, full form and
 promolecular approximation version of NCI method, as well as average NCI method
 had been supported by Multiwfn since long time ago. Interested users could
 consult examples in Section 4.20 of the latest version of the manual.
 Best regards,
 Dr. Tian Lu
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 Subject: CCL: New Chemistry Software: IGMPlot
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 Dear Colleagues,
 We are pleased to announce the new IGMPlot release 2.4, which is available for
 download at .
 For more details please refer to the online DOC. It provides chemists with a
 visual analysis of covalent and non-covalent interactions
 (apologies for any possible cross-posting).
 IGMPlot is an implementation of the IGM / NCI approach using either promolecular
 density or an electron density obtained
 > from wave-function calculations (wfn) for detecting and plotting
 interactions. A very attractive feature of the IGM model is to
 provide an uncoupling workflow that automatically extracts the interaction
 signature between user-selected groups of atoms.
 Both the IGM and NCI results are given by IGMPlot.