CCL: The CCL in the Journal of Cheminformatics

 Sent to CCL by: Alexandre Hocquet [alexandre.hocquet[A]]
 Dear CCLers,
We, Frédéric Wieber, Alejandro Pisanty and Alexandre Hocquet are proud to self promote our paper that has just been released in J. Cheminf.
As the title says, the paper is a brief history of the CCL and a tribute to its merits as a place where the community of computational chemistry has been gathering for almost thirty years. We also emphasize the role of the CCL as an important source for historians.
Of course, the paper is also a tribute to Jan Labanowski but we also wish to thank Egon Willighagen and Rajarshi Guha for the idea.
 Computational seasons greetings !
 Alexandre Hocquet
 Université de Lorraine & Archives Henri Poincaré