CCL: alvaDesc - software for calculation of molecular FPs and descriptors

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 Dear all,
 I am glad to announce the availability of a new software for the the
 calculation of molecular descriptors and molecular fingerprints.
 It calculates a comprehensive collection of more than 5000 molecular
 descriptors (0D, 1D, 2D, 3D molecular descriptors).
 It can also calculate both MACCS166 fingerprint and a customisable version
 of hashed molecular fingerprint (Extended Connectivity Fingerprint and Path
 alvaDesc is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Additional information
 can be found at:
 Alvascience is a company providing software products and targeted
 consulting to reduce the gap between science and IT. Alvascience expertise
 is in chemoinformatics, molecular modelling and data science.
 Any feedback is really appreciated.
 Best regards,
 Andrea Mauri
 Andrea Mauri, PhD
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