CCL: Announcement Chemical Computing Group releases MOE 2019.01

 Sent to CCL by: "Raul  Alvarez" [ralvarez-$]
 We are pleased to announce the 2019 release of the Molecular Operating
 Environment (MOE). The 2019.01 version of MOE introduces significant
 interface enhancements and new capabilities:
 * Calculate and Analyze pH-Dependent Protein Properties
 * MOEsaic Session Sharing and Project Customization
 * Determine Conformation Population from NMR NOE Data
 * Predict Relative Binding Energies with AMBER Thermodynamic Integration
 Key application areas in MOE:
 Structure-Based Design - Fragment-Based Design - Pharmacophore Discovery
 - Medicinal Chemistry Applications - Biologics Applications - Protein and
 Antibody Modeling - Molecular Modeling and Simulations - Cheminformatics
 & QSAR  Methods Development and Deployment
 To request a trial version of MOE 2019.01 or for additional information,
 please contact: Raul Alvarez, Senior Manager, Marketing Strategy,
 ralvarez _
 Raul Alvarez
 Senior Manager, Marketing Strategy
 Chemical Computing Group
 T. + 1 (514) 393-1055 | F. +1 (514) 874-9538
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