CCL: history computational chemistry and minisupercomputers

 Sent to CCL by: "Alexandre  Hocquet"
 Dear CCLers,
 As historians (see an example of our papers at for more
 details), we're interested in writing about computational chemistry modelization
 and computational chemistry software.
 The issue of portability to minisupercomputers in the eighties is attracting our
 interest and we are looking for witnesses that could share their memories and
 views about relationships between comp chem software developers and hardware
 manufacturers, (such as Alliant, Ardent, Multiflow... among others).
 We're even more interested if they're living on the east coast as we are
 currently working until the end of July on archival material at the Science
 History Institute in Phladelphia, before going back home to France.
 Alexandre Hocquet and Frederic Wieber