CCL: ACS Symposium on Cryo EM Data Analysis: Call for abstract submission

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 I am organizing a symposium on Cryo EM Data Analysis for the Spring
 National American Chemical Society meeting to be held in Philadelphia in
 March 2020.
 Cryo EM Data Analysis
 The application of cryo EM to studying biological macromolecular structures
 has exploded in the past few years. Higher resolution structures are now
 available due to improved methods of detection as well as methods for
 analyzing data. This symposium will discuss the methodologies use to
 collect and process Cryo EM data. Challenges and problems in processing
 data will be discussed and presented.
 If interested submit abstracts:
 The deadline is Oct. 17, but those interested can contact me regarding
 postdeadline submission,
 Thank you, Rachelle