CCL: Announcement of book release

Dear CCLers,

I am pleased to announce the following book release (see below). It is a new proposal for teaching organic with thermodynamics, kinetics and computational chemistry approaches. We use MO, GVB, QTAIM and NCI theories throughout the book besides IRC calculations for mechanism analysis. Most figures of the book were generated from quantum chemistry calculations. The main audience is the undergraduate and graduate students of chemistry, chemical engineering and related courses. 

Title: Introductory Organic Chemistry and Hydrocarbons – A Physical Chemistry Approach
Author: Caio Lima Firme
Edition:1st Edition
First Published: 2019
eBook Published: 28 August 2019
Pub. Location: Boca Raton
Imprint: CRC Press
Pages: 458 pages
eBook ISBN9781351205795


Best Regards

Prof. Caio