CCL: 8th French-Japanese Workshop on Computational Methods in Chemistry

 Sent to CCL by: "Mezei, Mihaly" [mihaly.mezei*o*]
 there you go again. Do you really believe that male scientists are so much more
 meritorious than female scientists that only one out of 19 makes the grade?
 Furthermore, can you be so sure about your measure of merit that you are able to
 confidently rank the field and tell who is the 19th and who is the 20th?
 Finally, there is no need to insult a member of the CCL community - I suggest
 you apologize.
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 Speakers should be chosen on the basis of accomplishments, not gender.
 Heaven forbid we actually live in a meritocracy.  If you provide a list of
 females who should be exalted due to accomplishments, I'm sure the
 organizers of the Workshop would be interested.
 Otherwise, you need to provide what you believe is an acceptable list that
 is representative of the 26 genders you and your comrades have chosen to be
 Jim Kress