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Hi Sebastian,
Other metals can promote hydrogenation, cross coupling and metathesis in catalysis or in stoichiometric reactions.
Differences are in the mechanisms, efficiency, sustainability, etc...
Precious metals, late heavy metals have been indeed abundantly studied.
If you just take methathesis , it took about 30 years of research on alkylidene/carbene  or alkylidyne complexes before reasonable applications to metathesis started to emerge. The reason why Ru catalysts became popular is their moderate air sensitivity making them easy to handle by any ' organic' chemist ( 😁 ), which is not exactly the case of Schrock's catalysts...which emerged earlier and require stricter anaerobic conditions.
Practicability ( moderate air/water sensitivity, high efficiency and selectivity, recyclability of the metal) of catalysts is what makes the largest part of their reputation among those chemists who actually apply them in large scale syntheses in research labs or in an industrial chemical plant.
There is still room for improvements to replace those metals by others from the 3d series.

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For all the computational organometallists out there:
Why Ir and not other metals catalyses hydrogenation?
Why Pd for cross-coupling?
Why Ru for metathesis?
I cannot find any specific explanation that connects a metal to its reaction. Tons of mechanistic studies and reviews, without explanations on why this metal and only this metal for this reactions.
Is this info hidden or unknown? Any good paper or book?


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