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A transition metal has many unoccupied lone pairs, numbered from lp*(1) to lp*(n).
The easy way to find which hybrid orbital corresponds to an NBO is to visualize it, 
But, take care, first of all try to draw the Lewis structure, by using the list of NBOs,
because NBO method frequently gives crazy Lewis structures for transition metal 

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Em qui., 21 de mai. de 2020 às 12:42, Partha Sengupta anapspsmo++"> <owner-chemistry*o*> escreveu:
Sir, I found some lp* notation in NBO analysis. These are lp*(5), Lp*(6) and lp*(7) etc for a Cu comples. What is the meaning of the numbers in the paranthesis?  
P S Sengupta

Dr. Partha Sarathi Sengupta
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