CCL: VB2000

Hello Brian.

What a great news! I hope you will return to host the stand-alone version in VB2000's own site. I also hope you might expand the number of electron of the VB group. 

I am a great enthusiastic of modern VB theory. I believe that VB2000 gives a important contribution to the Chemistry as a science and discipline because it is very important to have wave function alternative to molecular orbital theory. I myself gave a tiny contribution using VB2000 in a couple of papers and in my book (Introductory Organic Chemistry and Hydrocarbons - A physical chemistry approach).

I wish the new VB2000 team a successful journey.

All the best


Em qua, 1 de jul de 2020 09:42, Brian Salter-Duke brian.james.duke(!) <owner-chemistry]|[> escreveu:

I am very pleased to announce that the VB2000 program now has
two additional authors, Rodrigo da Silva Bitzer and David de Sousa,
both from Brazil. Since the original author, Jiabo Li, has moved out
of quantum chemistry and I am now over 80 years old, it is great to
have new younger scientists working on this program.

While I am here, if anyone has any ideas to expand the VB2000 program
with new code, please let me know.

Brian Salter-Duke (aka Brian Duke)