CCL: QM codes NOT written in Fortran

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Also, remember that there is a free version of the PGI compiler with CUDA, the PGI Community Edition:

I'm not too sure about its efficiency, but I suppose it would be comparable to GCC, which is very good indeed. If you need to compile or develop a GPU-accelerated code for NVIDIA GPUs, it's certainly something to try out.




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Phil, glad to hear that you had success with gfortran on that platform. It’s been a long time sopince I worked in fortran and those doing it more recently had a very dim view of that suite.  I will pass it along. 


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Dear Joe,

The GNU toolchain works fine (at least gfortran 11) on Mac M1, and we've certainly used it to compile and run CASTEP successfully ( Obviously you need to make sure you also have the correct libraries, e.g. OpenBLAS, FFTW, but MacPorts should take care of that.

We generally find gfortran performance to be very competitive, and of course it's value for money is excellent! Having said that, the NAG compiler is fantastic for developing software, but not for performance (that's not a criticism, that's a deliberate design decision by NAG).

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I'm confused about your Mac M1 chipset reference; how does this relate to your Fortran question? There are good ARM Fortran compilers, if that's what you're worried about. 

Phil, what compilers are up and working on the MacOS/M1 combination?  I am aware of the NAG compiler, which has issues for commercial development (licensing) so I have been told.  Also, given the staggeringly greater interest in C/C++ on all sorts of machines, I would think that portability would suggest alternate languages for new work - Python is a great control-level language, but as you mentioned you need math underneath.

"Peter Thiel was right, we just can't build cool sh*t anymore. I really did want a flying car, and all I have is 140 characters and promises of AI that never come true."

"Peter Thiel was right, we just can't build cool sh*t anymore. I really did want a flying car, and all I have is 140 characters and promises of AI that never come true."