CCL: Cambridge Cheminformatics Meeting - 1 Sep, on Zoom, free, open to all

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 Dear All,
 I would like to announce our next Cambridge Cheminformatics Meeting on 1
 September 2021, at 4pm UK time, and the event will be
 held as usual on Zoom, free, and open to all.
 This is part of a regular series which we have organized for about 10 years now,
 four times per year, and further information
 about both this event, and the general series, can be found at
 On this occasion the Cambridge Cheminformatics Meeting will feature the
 following topics and speakers:
 "Computational Prediction of Allosteric Sites in GPCRs"
 Irina Tikhonova, Queen's University Belfast
 "DECIMER: Deep Learning for Chemical Image Recognition"
 Chris Steinbeck, University of Jena
 "Probabilistic Random Forests for Target Prediction Consider Experimental
 Marianna Trapotsi and Lewis Mervin
 University of Cambridge and AstraZeneca
 For registration please visit
 In case you are also interested in future events please let me know directly,
 and I am happy to add you to our (low-volume; ca
 one email per month) mailing list of the Cambridge Cheminformatics Newsletter,
 which also includes general information about
 events and vacancies in our field (see http://www.DrugDiscovery.NET for previous editions of the
 Everyone is welcome to join in, and looking forward to seeing you on 1
 Best wishes,
 Andreas Bender, PhD
 Blog: http://www.DrugDiscovery.NET
 Twitter: !=!AndreasBenderUK