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Hello Alma!
The email below by Alex contains the URL for the official VASP forum (which requires you to have purchased a license).

If you have general questions about VASP and don't have a password to access that forum, the">Matter Modeling Stack Exchange is totally free and welcomes all questions about VASP, QuantumESPRESSO, Gromacs, Gaussian, LAMMPS, Siesta, VMD, Orca, GAMESS, CP2K, Avogadro, Molpro, PySCF, AutoDock, Q-Chem, ASE, WANNIER90, CHARMM, Phonopy, GPAW. etc... (essentially any matter modeling software, I've only listed the 20 of them with the most questions so far).

We launched recently and already have 4000+ users, 2000+ questions (93% of them answered) and 800+ visits/day.

With my very best wishes!
Nike Dattani

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